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Aviarc hledá Senior UX Developera! – Inzerce – Fórum – Programujte.comAviarc hledá Senior UX Developera! – Inzerce – Fórum – Programujte.com


13. 11. 2014   #1

Aviarc is a product development company headquartered in New Zealand; we're focused on building sophisticated tooling to help our customers develop the new generation of SaaS applications, where our platform and tooling are all based in the Cloud.

It's time to build out our small UX focused team here in the Czech Republic; so we're looking for a couple of very talented and capable UX developers to join us. Being less than 6 Months away from launching a global private beta program, after more than eight years of deep research and development, it's an exciting time to come on board and add your talents. We've also had considerable success in the development of complex web applications over the past few years (using our world-class Aviarc technology platform), so we can show you our approach to building cloud native applications is unique and very cool - we'll share these confidentially when we meet in person.

You can see a preview of Aviarc here: www.aviarc.cz

This role is not just about producing code; you'll be involved in the complete software creative process, including concept development, requirements, scoping and design, testing and deployment. As well as having a creative flair for intuitive and clean interface design, we expect you'll be a master of web technologies using CSS frameworks or preprocessors, latest HTML5 features etc. We also expect you'll be experienced with a number of the widget frameworks, ideally Ext JS, YUI or similar.

We have a talented and loyal team, and team / culture fit is really important, so we look for innovation and big picture thinking, and a real passion for technology and delivering quality. Your interview will impress us with your passion for learning new tech, trying new approaches, and pushing yourself to achieve excellence.

Why our team like working with us:
- The opportunity to work creatively with emerging technologies
- You'll be involved in, and influence the next generation of web development technology
- You'll have opinions and ideas, and you will diplomatically make them known to your team mates
- We will work to your strengths, and offer opportunity to step up and take leadership of outcomes
- We take our work seriously, but we find time to laugh and enjoy each other's company
- We offer a competitive package that's at the top end of the market
- You may have the option to relocate to beautiful, clean and green, New Zealand
- Possibility to work remotely/from home

We'd be looking for a combination of skills, (we don't expect you to have them all), as below:
- Experience in high-level and detailed design, and maybe some system architecture
- Experience with a large and complex JavaScript code base
- Experience in unit and system testing through to deployment and documentation
- Appreciation of effective software development methodologies
- Server-side development (e.g. Java, C# etc.), with an excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Design and the use of Design Patterns
- Client side development including JavaScript / DOM, with CSS frameworks
- An approach to code that is structured, readable and easily maintained
- Solid understanding of XML, with XSLT
- Relational and non-relational database design / SQL scripting
- Web services using SOAP and REST
- Source control capabilities, with Subversion and Git experience a plus

If you have the capability to build tooling that will be used by developers all over the world to develop user-centric applications, then let us know why you're a good fit (please also provide some examples of your work that you're most proud of).

If you are interested in our offer, please send your application with a current CV in English to the following address: marta@aviarc.cz

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