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15. 6. 2017   #216720

Let´s GrOw with SKOUMAL studio - foreign Intern desired!

mobile apps, knowledge transfer, flexibility, discussions, young and open team included 

Are you passionate about the world of mobile apps? Do you feel the temptation to taste the Czech IT start-up culture on your own skin? Do you want to personally grow besides beer drinking during your stay in the Czech Republic? IT skills are rather advantage, not a must!

Then apply! Join our driven team if you are the one who seeks self-improvement, and who does not desire to stuck in one place but rather to keep moving.

We in SKOUMAL studio are looking for a team player who would help us to keep moving, too. Your core responsibility would be to basically enrich our team with your English skills and to ignite English-only discussions. Besides this must-have, anyone - a newbie or senior developer - would be welcome if proving some nice-to-haves e.g. skills in analytics, management, marketing, communication, network administration, information management, or similar. Let us know about you!

Contact us at:  Tell us who you are  and share with us your motivation and drives. We’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!



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